Chief Engineer’s great-grandson dives the Glenelg

Gordon before his dive.


October 1, 2011
Terry Cantwell

After an intense week’s dive training with Mark Ryan of Aquability and Southern Ocean Exploration, Gordon Fyfe has dived on the Glenelg shipwreck to pay tribute to his great-grandfather,  chief engineer David Fyfe.

Mark Ryan discussed the possibility of a site visit with Gordon earlier this year, suggesting that Gordon learn to dive.

Gordon was  tentative at first, but excited by the opportunity.

In september Gordon and his wife Liz began their training – first in a suburban swimming pool and later in Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

“I hadn’t been in the water for decades; and I had no familiarity whatever with being under the water. It was an astonishing proposition for any landlubber to contemplate – that Fyfe could go from having no underwater experience, to diving more than 30m deep in the space of one week”, he said.

Despite his trepidation, Gordon came through with flying colours.

The week wasn’t without incident though: Liz developed severe ear pressure problems halfway through her training that almost spoilt her opportunity to dive.

However, conditions were perfect on the day. Assisted by three boats, a beautiful flat sea, clear skies and almost the entire SOE crew, Gordon and Liz experienced a perfect dive. 

A very special day

Gordon speaking after his dive.

This video doesn’t exist

For a detailed report, read this Canberra Times feature about the event.




Camera: Mick Whitmore,  Terry Cantwell.

Sound: David Muir.

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