Ghost Divers update

We are pleased to report that our pilot episode – A Drop in the Ocean: The Story of the SS Glenelg – is now finished.

Over the next few months we will be organising screenings and will be in touch.

We have uploaded the first three minutes to whet the appetite.

This video doesn’t exist

The film is currently 39 minutes in duration, which will allow us to edit up for a one hour show, or down for a 30 minute episode.

We would like to thank everyone involved with this project. It has taken a lot longer than expected and we hope everyone will be pleased with the final product.

A Drop in the Ocean will be the second episode in the six-part series, Ghost Divers, about Southern Ocean Exploration’s endeavours to discover as many of the 600 shipwrecks that lie undiscovered off our coast as possible.

Series synopsis

Episode 1  “Plenty more wrecks in the sea”
The story of the SS Cumberland, SS Queensland and SOE’s formation
Mark Ryan’s first wreck discovery teaches him a valuable lesson: his real enemy is not the sea, but bureaucracy.

Episode 2 “A Drop in the Ocean”
The Story of the SS Glenelg (Pilot)
Southern Ocean Exploration’s (SOE) discovery of the 19th century steamer SS Glenelg uncovers a series of harrowing stories of bravery, tragedy and survival. However, the ramifications of their discovery threatens to destroy the team.

Episode 3 “The Deep End”
The story of THE TSS Kanowna
SOE finds a Gallipoli Hospital ship and uncovers a story of alleged insurance fraud. The ship is intact in 260ft of water, but is it too deep to penetrate? What treasures lie within?

Episode 4 “Wreckless”
The story of THE TSS Coramba
SOE’s discovery of the depression-era steamship Coramba unearths a story of incredible bravery and heartbreaking tragedy.

Episode 5 “Losing the Plot”
The story of the SS Alert
A lone sailor speaks from the past to rectify a great injustice.

Episode 6 “Out of sight, out of mind”
The story of the SS Paringa
SOE has discovered something deep in Bass Strait, but is it  the Paringa, a steamer that disappeared into a storm taking 31 men with it? It’s extremely difficult to find shipwrecks, it can be even harder trying to identify them. If this isn’t the Paringa, what is it?

(Concept and scripts registered with Writers Guild America West)

Terry Cantwell

6 thoughts on “Ghost Divers update

  1. Wow Looks like great work, can,t wait to see the film, we were there at the pint on punt at the introduction , what great team is Southern Ocean, Our Great Grandfather Tom Hatfield the fireman went down on that ship and we wouldn’t exist as a family if it wasn’t for that man. Family joke was that he was the one that got into the Whisky!! Regards Mike Hatfield.

  2. Hey there my names tim and I’m wondering were I can get a copy of the ss glenelg documentarie thanx tim

    • Yes Thelma,
      It was a very special evening.
      It was also a poignant moment for the divers; I think that night made everybody focus on the enormity and devastation that these shipwreck disasters leave behind for generations.


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