Rumours of Shells

We’ve been asked about a story in today’s Herald Sun  which raises the prospect that a shell discovered by a diver in the 1970s could be the Longshot.  

Whilst it would be fantastic if this was it, unfortunately we can now confirm that this shell isn’t the one fired from Point Nepean.

Yesterday, two experts  examined the photos of the 1970s shell and have eliminated it from our investigations.

The firing band at the base of the shell is intact, which shows that it hasn’t been fired from a gun.

The experts also felt that the shell  probably fell off a boat after  WW2,  because the rusting and salt water etching is not severe.

The search continues.

Shell that appears in Herald Sun story
Note how the banding at the base in intact

Left hand side – unfired shell
Right hand side – fired shell

Author Keith Quinton on 3AW this morning explaining why this shell is not  the “Longshot”

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