Luke Kerr and Louis Cooke at Frankston Arts Centre

In this short summary of speeches, Real Time Learning Director Luke Kerr and Mt Eliza student Louis Cooke, discuss the topic of bullying and the importance of entrepreneurship and engagement in education. This short video features Louis’ bullying information film, “I’m Sorry.” Adobe has endorsed “I’m Sorry” as part of its Bully Project and Louis’ film is currently screening at Mornington Cinema.

Camera: Luke Watters

Technical: David Muir

Editing: Terry Cantwell


Sir Ian Botham

Entertaining  speech by Sir Ian Botham, which was  presented to Harcourts’ staff during the self-development day at Frankston Arts Centre. This is part of a series of presentations featuring Sir Ian Botham, Jet Xavier and Brent Pullar.


Technical: David Muir

Editing: Terry Cantwell

Camera: Luke Watters

Upcoming motivation event featuring Ian Botham, Jet Xavier and Brent Pullar

(Video graphics by Whitewater and RTL)

Open to Harcourts staff and the general public, this fantastic event will provide insight, information and specialised training to improve your sales capacity, family relationships, work/life balance, and help you to make a difference in your life and in the world.

18th March, 2016
9am start, finishing with networking drinks at 5pm
Frnaksto Arts Centre
27-37 Davey Street, Frankston.


$79 per person


Upcoming First Shot Event. August 5th, 2014

Whitewater is proud to be associated with the First Shot Commemorative event.

The First Shot Committee is hosting a commemorative event at Point Nepean on August 5th, 2014, which will acknowledge the centenary of the beginning of WW1 with a reenactment of the First Shot from a Howitzer canon at the fort.

This is a major public event which will begin four years of World War 1 commemorations in Australia.

Please visit the First Shot website if you would like to register your interest in attending.

gun crew

The Point Nepean duty when the shot was fired.

From the First Shot Website:

Between 2014 and 2018, Australia will commemorate the ANZAC Centenary, marking 100 years since our nation’s involvement in World War 1. The first shot in the the British Empire was fired from Coastal Artillery Gun Emplacement No.6 at Fort Nepean, Portsea, Victoria on 5 August 1914 at 12:45pm, just 3 hours 45 minutes after war was declared in London.

The shot was fired in order to prevent the German merchant vessel SS Pfalz from escaping Port Phillip to the open seas. The shot was successful – the Pfalz surrendered.

To acknowledge the significance of this historic occasion, a special commemoration open to all Australians is to be conducted at the Parade Ground at the former Officer Cadet School within the Quarantine Station at Point Nepean National Park.

This event will be the very first of many commemorations to be held all around the world in those countries that comprised the former British Empire. The anniversary will coincide with the opening of conservation and visitor access improvements at Fort Nepean that will enhance the telling of Point Nepean’s war time heritage stories.


Youth landcare project

This is an inspirational little story about Tony O’Connor’s attempts to restore Balcombe Creek in Mount Martha back to a landscape where native vegetation and wildlife can flourish.

SInce last year Tony has been overseeing an energetic community land-care effort with the help of young people from schools around the Mornington Peninsula.

This video was shot and edited by students from Mount Eliza Secondary College’s Real Time Learning program with some help from Whitewater.

This is a wonderful example of how young people, given the opportunity to be involved in their community, won’t disappoint.

Good on them and good on Tony

(There are a few Youtube conversion problems with this vid, so best to play in HD)

Professor Bill Lucas at Mt Eliza Secondary College

Since September 2008, Bill has been Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester.

Bill is a strong advocate of Expansive Education: an educational approach that focuses on the development of competence.

Expansive Education believes that students should learn to do things, not just learn about things.

In this video, Bill Lucas presents a lecture to teachers and educators about the philosophies underpinning Expansive Education.



Longshot on Radio this Saturday

You can hear The Project Longshot team live on air this Saturday.

3WBC radio – 94.1 FM has given SOE an hour between 11.00am and 12.00pm to discuss the project.

Mark Ryan from SOE will be talking about SOE’s achievements.

Martin Tozer will be explaining the technical aspects of the search for the first shot.

Terry Cantwell from Whitewater Documentaries will be talking about the potential Longshot documentary and the series “Ghost Divers”, which is in production.

Hope you have time to listen in.






Live Streaming between 11.00-12.00 Saturday March 29, 2014

Mt Eliza College students to help in search for First World War shell.


Real Time Learning students from Mt Eliza Secondary College have been invited to help in the search to find the first shot fired in WW1.

Project Longshot, run by deep sea explorers Southern Ocean Exploration (SOE) and Whitewater Documentaries, hopes to find the shell that Australian forces fired at the German ship Pfalz as it tried to escape from Port Phillip Bay on the morning WW1 was declared.

This was the first Allied action of the Great War. SOE, Australia’s most successful shipwreck discovery team, has invited students to assist Whitewater Documentaries in the media campaign and with an equipment fundraising drive.

Students may be offered opportunities to participate in the on-water search with parental assistance.

Project Longshot offers students an insight into how a real media campaign is managed and will hopefully help them to develop a greater passion for maritime archaeology and Australian history.

Students will be offered local media exposure and the project will also present students with opportunities to develop networks in the public and private sectors.

Project Longshot is supported by Heritage Victoria, Parks Victoria, The Department of Veterans Affairs and by the Victorian ANZAC Centenary Committee.

VACC chairman Ted Baillieu has said the government was planning an event to commemorate the “first shot”, and finding the shell would be a coup. “The VACC has already raised for consideration the possible location and recovery effort of that first shell, if intact,” he said. “If it was possible, such a find would, of course, be of worldwide significance.”

Southern Ocean Exploration team leader Mark Ryan will be presenting a talk to Real Time Learning students at Mt Eliza Secondary College soon.