Faces of Frankston

Frankston’s multi-cultutral citizens’ stories are heartfelt, funny, exciting and rich.

Whitewater is producing a series of stories about Frankston’s diverse ethnic backgrounds, through the voices of its migrants.

We feel it is a privelage that these tremendous people have chosen to share their life experience with us.


This is the first of our documentary interviews with prominent Frankston migrants.

EP1: Frank’s Story
Frank Cannizzo was born in Sicily in 1931 and came to Australia in 1949. He has been a tireless communty worker, who is responsible for establishing the Frankston Multicultural Centre and the Frankston Italian Seniors’ Club.

EP2: Rosalindo’s Story

In 1973, Rosalindo Cerda and his family escaped Pinochet’s brutal regime in Chile. They migrated to Australia in 1973. He has contributed enormously to his adopted country and has assisted many other migrants to make the sometimes difficult transition to life in Australia. 

EP3: Grace’s Story

After a successful teaching career, Grace came to Australia from the Philippines with her two young children. Adjusting to life here was a challenge at first, but her community work and business skills enabled her to thrive in her adopted home. This is the third in our Faces of Frankston series.