Whilst many of us  yelled and cheered our way through New Year’s Eve,  about 70 yoga practitioners welcomed 2014 with a relaxed session at Mount Martha Beach, on Tuesday morning.




Jan Winslade’s “Yoga by the Bay” group, who range in ages from 7 to seventy,  took advantage of a perfect Peninsula morning to cast off the cobwebs of 2013.

“This is the perfect way to let go of a stressful year,” former nurse Jan Winslade said. “We all lead such busy lives and carry lots of worries around with us. Yoga helps us balance our lives and has many physical and emotional benefits.”

Jan established her business  “Yoga by the Bay” over fifteen years ago and now runs weekly classes for beginners and  advanced students. She also runs special events, retreats and school programs across the Mornington Peninsula.

Whitewater Documentaries filmed the event as part of a short film about the positive effects of Yoga, featuring Jan Winslade’s Yoga by the Bay. 

We are currently working on a long form film about Jan’s work.

Camera work: Mark Street, Terry Cantwell. Editing and sound: David Muir. FX: Terry Cantwell.

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