Short video of relative’s visit to the Glenelg


Terry Cantwell

Gordon Fyfe, great-grandson chief engineer David Fyfe, has often wondered how different his life might have been had his relative survived the SS Glenelg tragedy.

Gordon, someone who “hadn’t been in the water for thirty years”, spent a gruelling week with his wife Liz training for their advanced open water certificates.

At the end of the week, Gordon was ready to touch the helm where his relative lost his life.

“I have always been fascinated by how noble and brave my great-grandfather was when the Glenelg sank,” he said.

The chief-engineer stayed on the sinking Glenelg to help turn the ship away from the brunt of a raging hurricane, thus giving the passengers a better chance to board lifeboats.

This short Whitewater video was broadcast by Fairfax Digital Media on February 16, 2012.